Go + Tell Gals is a collective of women equipping other women to use their gifts for the glory of God and the good of others. We do this through a podcast, Go Teams (our coaching communities), digital resources, and prayerfully soon - retreats and online classes!


We’re motivated by a vision of the future featuring women using all they’ve got for the advancement of the kingdom. Our hope is that God would use our work to continually tear down the strongholds that keep women from taking their place in the kingdom. We pray and prepare for a day when it’s not out of the ordinary for a woman to take God at His Word.


We believe in God our Father - a Creator who loves His children so much that He made a way for them to be in constant + eternal relationship with Him.
John 3:16

We find our victory in Jesus - the sinless Son of God who came to earth so that we may be called friends, ambassadors, and coheirs with Him.
John 15:15

We crave the work of the Holy Spirit and are exceedingly grateful for His power at work in and through us today. We believe God is living, active, and moving here today.
John 14:26

We love the Word of God and work to live under its authority. We seek to see Him in and through it, and we’re wildly grateful for such a resource. Hebrews 4:12

We love the church and believe she is the Bride of Christ. We believe the local church is better off when we’re all in it, and we seek to use our gifts to build her, grow her, and push her toward the purity God intended for her. Ephesians 5:25-27

We are thankful for our brothers in Christ and believe the Kingdom is better of when they’re living out their vibrant + full faiths as well. Our intention is never to replace them, but to come alongside them in the power, love, and self control that’s been purchased for all of us.
2 Timothy 1:7