What kind of coaching is this? What are the sessions about? 

The six sessions are a progression to help women at all levels and stages process why they're doing what they're doing, how they're doing it, and how they can do it successfully for the long haul. There is a lot of heart + soul work, but there will also be a lot of strategic help. We'll cover everything from purpose to planning, pushing past fear and executing branding. We'll take individual groups needs and tailor the coaching towards that. 

What's the time commitment? 
Each group coaching session will last 90 minutes and we suggest spending 30 minutes on the homework. So 2 hours for all 6 sessions is 12 hours of coaching over the course of each Go Team term.

Each team has supplemental coaching based on their individual needs and questions, as well as outside interviews with experts.

How much time you put into the community is up to you! 

When will the online coaching sessions be held? 
Once we have all our Go Teams in place, we'll vote on times that work best for everyone! There will be several options + we'll go with what works for the most people. 

Will the sessions be recorded? 
Yes! All online sessions will be recorded + you'll be able to access the recordings for as long as you have internet! 

When will this start? When will I meet my group? 
Go Teams will take place three times each year. The next round of Go Teams will launch in January; click here to add your name to the waitlist to secure a spot when they open. Once Go Teams begin, your group of 15 women will create community online and “meet” online for six recorded group coaching sessions.

How do I know which group to choose?
Feel free to email us and we'll help you pick based on your scenario! 

Is this for women with established businesses/ministries/and writing careers or women just starting out?
Honestly - both! Jess has used these sessions for successful established businesses and for women just getting started.